About me

Ever since I can remember, ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be rich. Money was all I could think about. All of my decisions were based on “how much money could I make?” “When will I be getting paid?” “How much will I be getting paid?” etc. When I was 17 years old I went to Hampton University in Hampton VA. This was a school for what appeared to be children of the “Black elite”. These kids had cars and some had cell phones. In my mind these kids had money. My parents worked extremely hard and my father hustled day in and day out to provide for us and send my sister and my brother and I to college so, we weren’t destitute or starving by any means but we didn’t have a lot of money. One day while in a Spanish class in Hampton, I was daydreaming and I looked out into the hallway and I saw a Culligan water man delivering some bottles of water. I remember thinking to myself, The professor is getting paid, all of the school faculty is getting paid the damn water delivery man is getting paid. All of these kids have money already, everyone is getting paid but me. At 18 years old I decided that “college didn’t pay enough”. I went out and got myself a full time job and a part time job on the side. Needless to say, my college career was put on the back burner.  I was officially “in the world”. I went from job to job lived from place to place. My quest and my hunt for this elusive dollar, I found myself  sleeping in my car, sleeping in parks, having to stay in cheap dirty motels. Over the years, setback after setback, loss after loss, I never gave up on my pursuit of that “Almighty” dollar. That pursuit has led to me launching multiple business ideas, I have sold cars, I have been a licensed stock broker and financial advisor at top firms in the world. I have been a real estate agent with top firms in the country. I met with a little success in each.  I bought my first home when I was 28 years old. I lost a son, I lost a daughter when she was 19 months old to a seizure disorder. Despite it all, I still come out swinging.

Throughout my journey, I have acquired a few bits of wisdom along the way. ie I realized that I never got the money that I started out chasing because I was chasing money and not a dream. I was chasing money instead of a passion. I have learned the power of POSITIVITY, DREAMS, HOPE, DRIVE,DETERMINATION and AMBITION. I learned how precious life is and how easily it can be lost and not to take it for granted. I have learned to not be afraid to fail. I have learned that once your purpose is aligned with your passion and you take action the money will start chasing you. I have learned a ton of lessons along the way that I love to share. My mission is to share messages of HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, POSITIVITY, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION with those who are looking for them.

My mission is to see to it that My Experiences + My Losses + My Setbacks + My Failures = YOUR SUCCESS



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