jermaine-jackson Dont take it personal

I work in sales and I have for most of my adult life. I have done inside sales, where the sale is made over the telephone where I have never met the customer and they have never met me. I have done outside sales where you knock on doors and you actually need to go to people’s homes and actually meet with people. Just because of the sheer number of people I need to meet, it dramatically increase my chances of running into mean, nasty, rude disagreeable people. Over the years when I have called people, even on my very first phone call to them I have had people tell me “EFF OFF” I have had people tell me “You’re a loser, get a better job, You don’t have anything to do but call people and disturb working people all day?” I have had people threaten my life over the telephone if I ever called them again. I have had people I have never even met say things about my kids and mother over the phone after speaking to me for 10 seconds. I get a phone hung up and slammed on me at least 200 times per day. I have hundreds and hundreds of doors slammed in my face. If there was any lesson that I would say that I have learned is “Don’t take it personal”. These people slamming the doors in my face and hanging up the phone and being nasty and rude don’t know me. It’s not me they hate.  It’s not me that they are angry at. They don’t know me to hate me or be angry at me. On the flip side of the coin I also have hundreds and hundreds of people who tell me that they are not interested, or they don’t need my services or they are already working with someone and they reject me but they are as sweet as pie. Very nice and very polite and simply state that they are not interested.  My guess is that those who are rude, mean, nasty, angry to me most likely means that they are probably rude, mean, nasty and to their butcher, their bank teller, their mechanic, their drivers, the pizza delivery guy etc.

I say all of this to say that there are just mean, angry, nasty, rude and bitter people in the world. There is nothing that anyone could do to stop it or change it. When you come across one, be it at the DMV at your job or the post office or another shopper in the supermarket and they happen to be rude or nasty DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL, it is not about you. What they are really saying is that I hate my position in life or I feel like I was dealt a bad hand in life or I have been hurt before, or I have some unresolved issue. They are really saying “I am an angry, mean, bitter, nasty, rude person and I am trying pull you into becoming an angry, mean, bitter, nasty, rude person too”.  Misery absolutely loves company so, if I pull you in we can be angry, mean, bitter, nasty and rude together. However, if you are focused and have a plan and an agenda for your life and if Walk Awayyou have dreams, and ideas that you are working on and building to better you and your family’s lives, EVERY SECOND AND EVERY DROP OF ENERGY COUNTS AND IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! There is no spare time or energy to allow some thief to come and steal any away from you. I’m simply recommending the next time someone is rude or nasty to you, don’t let them get that nasty poisonous energy all over you. Don’t let that person steal any of your building time or energy by standing around in a grocery store or in a parking lot arguing and exchanging insults or negative energy with them, especially if it is someone who you don’t even know or who doesn’t know you. They are not mad or angry at you, they are mad and angry at themselves and their own lives.  Simply reply “Sheesh, you sure are having a rough day huh?” put it all back on them and let them stew in the negativity. Go on about your business, go on about your plans and I can almost guarantee you that you will have forgotten about that person within minutes. That person will be stuck in that negativity, anger and bitterness for the rest of their lives and they will be forced to go find someone else to play with. DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL! Other people’s anger and negativity and bitterness is not about you. It’s about them. When I am on the telephone I focus on finding the person who is going to say yes, I focus on my next victory, I focus on my next success. As a result I don’t have time to focus or give any extra attention to rudeness happening right now. If I got caught up with every jive turkey that got rude or nasty or said something mean to me, I would be caught up in negativity instead of moving on to victory and success and the person who would bring something good to my life. Keep moving forward! THERE IS NO TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE! People’s negativity, anger, bitterness, rudeness is a trap to keep the HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, DETERMINED, FOCUSED, AMBITIOUS, PEACEFUL and DRIVEN from moving forward. DO NOT FALL IN! Their negativity, anger, bitterness, rudeness HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! Be like my man Jermaine Jackson and….



Remember that…







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