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A visitor from Columbia, a visitor from South Korea, Singapore, Kenya, Calabasas, CA.  A visitor from Oslo, Norway, Brooklyn NY, Frankfurt Am Main Germany, Torre Del Greco in Naples Italy, United Kingdom, Stone Mountain GA, Sao Paulo Brazil (I do actually have a point).  When I was younger, maybe even a kid, I remember (this is No lie) when I was a kid I remember hearing this little voice inside of me that told me that I would somehow someway touch the world. I remember a kid thinking that somehow, someway I was really going to touch the world. I remember thinking that I would some day have an impact on people all over the globe. At the time I was thinking this I was just a chubby punk kid from at the time a relatively unheard of city by the name of Yonkers, New York. Time went on and I got a little older and still, no impact on anybody, no nothing. I remember thinking that little voice was some BS. That little voice was a damn liar. I aint no athlete, I aint no actor, I’m not on TV, I can’t sing or dance worth a dime. I wondered how was I supposed to have this so-called impact on the world. But, that feeling that I had that I would somehow touch the world remained. I didn’t know how I would do it but, that little voice remained.

Without giving it much thought, I just continued to walk my path. Along that path I have been a Stockbroker, Banker, Real Estate agent, Financial Advisor, Started my own businesses etc. They were all great opportunities, but I still couldn’t figure out how was I going to get to the other side of the world.  After my daughter passed away a gained new perspective on life and about seizing the day and seizing opportunities and not taking things for granted. I started encouraging people based on my own personal experiences.  After my daughter passed away that voice that i was telling you about got a little louder.  A few people had suggested to me “Hey, you should be a motivational speaker”. The first few times I heard the suggestion I chuckled it off and laughed it off thinking to myself “Who could I motivate and inspire? Aint nobody gonna listen to me. Who am I? What if I fail? What if I go and speak and nobody is motivated or nobody even pays attention? Nah, nobody will listen to me I’m just some chubby punk kid from Yonkers, NY”. It was like the Universe or GOD was calling me and I kept sending the call to Voicemail. A few more people said it and the voice got louder.  Time went on and instead of chuckling it off I remember thinking to myself what if these people and their suggestions of being a motivational speaker were the universes way of telling me that this is what I was called or put here to do. What if I was called to endure the pain of losing my little girl simply so that I could spread a message of motivation, inspiration, hope, positivity, gratitude and encouragement to others? At this point that little voice was yelling at me. The universe was calling and calling me and I kept sending it to voicemail. But, this time I decided that I was going to answer the call. I took the steps to find out what I needed to do to become a motivational speaker. One of the steps or recommendations was to join this organization named Toastmasters. I am only oneToastmasters is an organization that helps to develop public speaking skills. You meet twice a month and everyone gives speeches and practices  speaking and developing speaking skills. One night one of the members gave a speech on how to start a blog. I was intrigued from the start of her speech. I remember thinking a blog as in the internet? You mean like the World Wide Web? World Wide Web! Instantly it clicked. I now knew how I was going to touch the world. I would touch the world through the World Wide Web. I went home that night and instantly got to work on my new blog. I got it up and running and my first few posts seemed to fall flat on their faces. It seemed like no one read them and no one really cared. during my first few posts I remember thinking that “Yet once again GOD set me up to fail”. I’m writing what I felt was great stuff. Why is no one reading? Why is no one paying attention? I started to get discouraged. I wanted to stop it all together. One day a friend of mine at my job told me that she read my blog and she thought it was great.  She told me that she had been writing blogs for years and that she could help me. I took her up on her offer and she really really helped me out, she did some layout and design stuff.  She was really helpful. I just kept writing and writing and one day I got an E-mail from a lady in Norway who told me that she really loved what I was doing and she asked me to please keep doing what I was doing. A few days later I got an E-Mail from a young lady in the UK thanking me and telling me she was starting a business and when she gets down and feels like giving up, she reads my blog. It has been over a year now and I get messages and visitors from all over the world who literally thank me for sharing my experiences and doing what I do. I finally figured out how to touch the world.

It turns out after all of these years that little voice that I heard when I was a kid and that I sometime doubted along the way was right. No matter in how big or small of a way, no matter on what level, I have touched and impacted people all over the globe. I have done speaking engagements where people have thanked me a year or two later for some of the thoughts, words and ideas that I have shared. GOD called me, and I answered. Once I answered, I was given the instructions, and the path that I would need to walk was laid out before me. All I had to do was keep walking.

I could be wrong about this but I believe firmly (actually I’m going to say that I’m not wrong about this). I KNOW that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US has that little voice inside of us that tells us everyday how great we are and that we are going to accomplish great things. But, I also know that some of us ignore that little voice. Some of us tell the little voice to “Just shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about! I never finished High School or I never went to college or  I have battled with drugs or alcohol addiction my whole life or, I have done so much wrong and bad in my life that I can’t be capable of anything great. Some of us say I got a felony or a criminal record I aint never going to be able to do anything great. Some say I aint pretty enough, Start nowsmart enough, funny enough, tall enough I’m was adopted, my mother left me my father left me etc etc”. As a result when we get that call from GOD/The Universe we don’t think we are worthy of it, we ignore it and send it to voicemail.  But, one thing that I have learned is that you fulfilling your purpose and your destiny is an emergency GOD got work that he needs for us to do around here! We all have jobs to do, so GOD aint leaving no voicemail. GOD is going to keep calling and keep calling and keep calling and that little voice will remain until you answer. WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR CAPABILITIES AND YOUR PURPOSE AND YOUR MISSION AND WHAT YOU WERE PUT HERE TO ACCOMPLISH, YOUR OPINION OF YOURSELF DOES NOT MATTER! GOD knows you are capable of fulfilling your purpose and your mission in life. You were sent down the path that you were sent so that your life experiences can equip you with ALL of the tools that you will need to fulfill that purpose and that mission. GOD aint got no time to be fooling around. If you weren’t worthy of the dream, if you didn’t have what it took to fulfill your purpose or your dream IT WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN GIVEN TO YOU! You are more than ready, you are more than prepared! Answer the call, start walking and as you walk, the path will be laid out before you and you will be given all of the tools that you will need a long the way…..

Remember that….



-Arthur Ashe



And by the way, thank you ALL very much for reading!







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