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While some people dismiss Facebook as just a social media site, I actually like Facebook because there are certain similarities to life . I started using Social media during the period of time when my daughter was extremely sick in the hospital, as a way to keep myself feeling encouraged and positive. Over the years I have posted things on social media websites such as Facebook and I try to be as positive and motivational and encouraging as possible. Sometimes the things I say no matter how encouraging or positive don’t get a huge amount of “likes”. Most of the time people wont “like” or even comment on the things that I say on Facebook. But,  there have been times when I have actually physically gone to Yonkers or White Plains or various parts of Connecticut or the Bronx or wherever I have friends. I have had people who I would run into that I know personally tell me that some of the things that I may have said or posted over the years on Facebook has had a positive impact on them. Some people have actually said to me “please keep on doing what you’re doing”. Some people tell me that I have actually made a difference in their lives and that I have had a positive impact on their lives. My main mission since I have been on Facebook and any of these social media sites has been to MOTIVATE those individuals who have found their purpose in life to keep pushing, and to keep moving forward until they succeed and make their dreams reality. My other mission has been to encourage and INSPIRE those who haven’t yet found their purpose to keep looking for it and to not give up until they have found it. Sometimes, I dig deep to try to find the right words to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE others. Once I think I have found the words I share them on my blog and on Facebook and other social media sites. There have been times when nobody would click like and I would think to myself this is stupid and a waste of time, nobody clicks like, nobody comments, nobody is even paying attention. I give up on this whole positivity, motivation and inspirational thing. This is stupid, I will just motivate and encourage myself. What good is trying to motivate and inspire others if nobody is even listening or paying attention.

What I have learned is that just because nobody clicks “like”, just because nobody comments, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t listening or paying attention. I have learned that just because people don’t respond in the way that you want them or expect them to respond, it doesn’t mean that your words are wasted. The people who I have run across in real life who have told me the impact that some of my words have had are people who never responded to me at all on Facebook. Sometimes I have forgotten that I am even “Friends” with them on Facebook because they never respond and I never hear from them on Facebook. But, when I see them in real life, they will tell me the impact that my words may have had on them. There have been instances where people I don’t even know have “liked” or commented on things that I have posted to Facebook or have even approached me in the street because of something I have said on Facebook.

I guess my point is just because a person doesn’t click “like” or just because a person doesn’t comment on something you say on Facebook or just because a person doesn’t immediately get up and enroll in college or get their GED, or just because a person doesn’t immediately get up and pursue their dreams, just because your child doesn’t start immediately getting good grades, or immediately change their behavior JUST BECAUSE A PERSON DOESNT RESPOND IN THE WAY THAT YOU WANT THEM TO RESPOND, OR THEY DONT RESPOND IN THE WAY THAT YOU WANT THEM TO RESPOND, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE NOT LISTENING TO YOU, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARENT PAYING ATTENTION. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT HAVING AN IMPACT ON THEM. I HAVE LEARNED THAT WHETHER THEY “LIKE”  IT OR NOT SOMEONE IS ALWAYS WATCHING YOU, SOMEONE IS ALWAYS LISTENING TO YOU WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT. Being that someone is always watching and always listening to you, I encourage you to try to make ALL of your words to others as POSITIVE, MOTIVATIONAL, ENCOURAGING and INSPIRATIONAL as possible. You never know if the person who is listening to you or watching you is on the verge of quitting, giving up or even committing suicide and YOUR WORDS to them are their deciding factor.

It is with our tongues and our words do we have the power and the ability to BUILD or DESTROY! We have the power to GIVE LIFE or TAKE LIFE! What do you say we BUILD? What do you say we GIVE LIFE!

I have learned to….

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.
-Napoleon Hill

“Talk happiness; talk faith; talk health. Say you are well, and all is well with you, and God shall hear your words and make them true.”
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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  1. I have secured an audience for you. 20-30 inner city yonkers youth. The program is called gateway and is voluntary. the participants age range from 16-18 from the basketball program.

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