The weeds will grow!

I’m sure we have all heard of contests at state and county fairs and farmers markets for the biggest/best pumpkin, best begonias, the best petunias or roses etc. I’ll bet you have never heard of a contest for the best weeds have you? Probably not. Because it doesn’t take much to grow weeds. Anyone can grow weeds. Weeds are very aggressive in terms of their growth and they produce millions of seeds that can lay alive in soil for up to 100 years. So weeds can and will grow in any condition without anyone having to do anything. Weeds can grow through concrete, a piece of wood a weed can basically grow anywhere. And the only way to really get rid of weeds are to manually pull them up by the roots. I f your garden is neglected weeds can/will also grow in your garden. In fact lets just say you had a garden and you were trying to grow some prized petunias or begonias. Petunias and begonias require a lot of nurturing and care and time and attention. But, lets say that you were out of town for a month and you didn’t have time to tend to your garden, By the time you got back home after neglecting your garden for a month, your prized petunias or begonias will be dead and the weeds will  have taken over your garden and the weeds will be flourishing. Because of how aggressive weeds are, there root systems run very deep into the soil and are very complex. So, eventually if the garden is neglected and weeds are allowed to grow their roots will steal all of the water and the nutrients that your petunias or begonias will need to grow.

So lets just say our minds are gardens and in our minds, we have planted seeds and are trying to grow CONFIDENCE, POSITIVITY, VICTORY, SUCCESS, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, PEACE etc. Now these particular seeds just like roses and begonias and petunias require a lot of nurturing and attention and care all day every day in order for them to grow. SO you need to tend to the garden in your mind all day every day. But just like in an ordinary garden, weeds can/will grow. These weeds that grow in your mind are also very aggressive and obnoxious and don’t need any special care in order for them to grow. In fact they grow the strongest when the garden is being neglected. The weeds most commonly in the garden of your mind are FEAR, NEGATIVITY, DOUBT, INDECISION, LACK OF CONFIDENCE etc.  So, lets say you take a month off from tending to the garden of your mind. By the time you get back to it the seeds of POSITIVITY, VICTORY, SUCCESS, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, PEACE etc. that had started to sprout will all be dead. And the weeds of FEAR, NEGATIVITY, DOUBT, INDECISION, LACK OF CONFIDENCE, BITTERNESS, ANGER etc. will be flourishing and will have taken over your garden completely because they will have stolen all of the water and nutrients from your intended seeds. As long as those weeds are present in your mind/garden nothing useful will ever be able to grow. The only way that these weeds can be removed from your minds garden is to manually pull them up from the roots. Every time one of those nasty weed seeds enter your mind or begin to sprout in your mind, yank it out. Every time you begin to feel FEAR, NEGATIVITY, DOUBT, INDECISION, LACK OF CONFIDENCE, BITTERNESS, ANGER etc. start to sprout in your mind. It is of the utmost importance that you yank it out!

Put a “keep out” sign on your minds garden and only grow and feed and water and nurture the seeds of  CONFIDENCE,POSITIVITY, VICTORY, SUCCESS, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, PEACE Etc. Don’t neglect them, for one second. Consistently water and nurture these good seeds with by surrounding yourself with other people who think like you and who are growing the same good seeds in their mind, immerse yourself in positivity and reading and absorbing positive and motivational and inspirational words. But, whatever you do, DO OT NEGLECT YOUR GARDEN, BECAUSE AS SOON AS YOU DO, THOSE NASTY WEEDS WILL START TO GROW AND WILL KILL ALL OF YOUR GOOD SEEDS AND DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE WORKED FOR!

Keep your mind free of the weeds of negativity and you will look up and you will be in next years state fair with prize winning CONFIDENCE, POSITIVITY, VICTORY, SUCCESS, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE AND PEACE!



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It’s YOUrs! The world, that is!

Often times I hear the phrases “I’m waiting for my man to call me back so I can make ___ happen. I’m waiting for this guy to get back to me so that I could ____. As soon as this person or that person calls me back or “hooks me up” I’m going to make it happen. Now, I’m no statistician or mathematician or anything, but, I have learned that as long as you are waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to make YOUR dreams come true, there is about a 99.9986243% chance that those dreams WILL NOT be coming true!

I have learned not to leave MY dreams and MY future in SOMEONE ELSES hands. Because THEY will get up and leave MY dreams and MY future on the bus or the train, THEY will lose MY dreams under the front seat of their car and you will end up with old French fries and dirt and gum all stuck to MY dreams. It’s not that people don’t want your dreams to come true and people don’t want to help. But, everybody is busy! They have families and jobs and some of them have dreams of their own that they are trying to make come true. YOUR DREAMS ARE NEVER GOING TO BE SOMEONE ELSES FIRST PRIORITY.  I have learned that we must take personal responsibility for making sure OUR dreams come true NO ONE ELSE WILL do it for US. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR US!  KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR DREAMS WERE HAND DELIVERED AND GIVEN TO US SPECIFICALLY, NOT SOMEONE ELSE! THEY WERE GIVEN TO US FOR A REASON, FOR US TO MAKE THEM COME TRUE!

Being able to blame someone else because WE didn’t succeed in life is an easy way out and an excuse! Hell, we will even say that its a good excuse. But,  Good excuses are excuses none the less. In the end having someone to blame for us not succeeding is NOT the same thing as us succeeding.  Needing help with our dreams is not the same as depending on someone else to make them happen.


“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it.
-Lou Holtz





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Life goes on, so should you!

One of my favorite television shows of all time was this show called “I shouldn’t be alive” Its a show about people who somehow end up in life or death situations , and they somehow survive. This one particular episode was about this guy who had gone scuba diving with a few other people in the middle of the ocean somewhere miles and miles away from land. They chartered a boat and headed out to sea. Everyone gets out of the boat and starts scuba diving. They go under water and everyone comes back up except for this one guy. After they are done, everyone makes their way back to the boat except this one guy. The staff on the boat did not take a count of everyone they had on board and they assumed that everyone was back on board and a terrible storm was brewing so when they though they had everyone back on board, they headed back home. So by the time this other guy had come back to the surface he looked around and the boat was gone. He spent the first few hours just drifting around the sea, hoping that the boat or some boat would appear to pick him up. hours had gone by and no boat. He decided he was going to try to swim for it.. But, he had no clue what direction to swim in. As far as he could see, all he was so was water. He could see no land in either direction. HE was literally in the middle of the sea. So, he makes a swim for it. He swims as hard as he could for hours and hours. Along the way he is attacked by jelly fish and all other types of sea creatures. Eventually hours turn into a day and he would swim get tired, drift and rest and swim again. He was at the point of fatigue and dehydration from the salt water. Many times he thought of just giving up and just drowning. One day had turned into two. At his darkest and most depressed hour as he was thinking about giving up. a piece of drift wood floated nearby. He thought that it would be his savior, finally the answer to his prayers. He swims over to the driftwood and he goes and leans on it and the piece of wood keeps him afloat. He can finally get some sort of rest. So he leans on this piece of wood and keeps this piece of wood for about a day or so. But, he soon realizes that he can no longer swim as long as he is leaning on this piece of wood.  He will just drift and drift in whatever direction the wood goes. So, now he is faced with a new decision. If he keeps the piece of wood he will be able to rest and lean on it and feel safe and secure. But he knows that he wont make it anywhere and he will eventually die in the middle of the ocean on that safe and secure piece of wood. But, if he lets it go he can now swim and at least try to make it to his destination but he will do so without the safety and security of the wood. He contemplates what he should do, he makes up his mind that he is going to try to save himself. He is going to let the wood go and he is going to try to swim for it. He lets the wood go, but now his safety and security is gone. He decides he cant do it and he goes back and gets the piece of wood. He holds onto the wood for another day or so. By this time about 2 or 3 days had gone by. He realized that he was getting nowhere so he finally decides to let the piece of wood go for good. He lets the wood go once and for all and starts to swim for it. The wood finally drifts out of sight. Once his sense of security is gone it makes him even more determined to reach his destination. He turns the lack of safety and security into the fuel he needs to reach his goal. He swims and swims as hard as he could, he look sup and he can see the coast of some island. Being able to see his destination he swims and swims harder until he finally reaches the island. He survived! He made it! He was alive.

I guess the moral of this story is that sometimes in life we too, hold onto things that we think somehow offer us “safety and security”. We hold onto things that make us feel better and more comfortable. We hold onto certain relationships, attitudes, friends, jobs, stuff from our pasts. We hold onto anger and bitterness and memories that make us feel better but, wont allow us to get anywhere because they are too heavy to swim with.  But as long as we hold onto these things we will never be able to swim. And If we cant swim, we will only be able to drift around aimlessly and hope that someday we will reach our destinations or someday we will be rescued. If it is important to us that we reach our destinations, at some point we will have to decide to LET STUFF GO OR ELSE WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MOVE TOWARDS OUR DESTINATIONS.

After my daughter passed away I was angry at doctors and angry at the nurses and I was just angry. But, it soon hit me that that my anger wasn’t going to affect those doctors or nurses at all. It was only going to affect me. My anger was my problem and my problem alone. No doubt it was my right to be angry. But, the ultimate question was is my anger doing me or my family any good. It was only holding me back. Instead of it being dead weight I decided to LET THE ANGER GO, I decided to instead use it as fuel to propel me to my destination, my dreams my goals and to do it in my daughters honor. Letting go turned out to be HOW I SURVIVED!

So its decision time for us. Its time to decide if the things that we are holding onto are really doing us good or holding us back. Once we make a decision that they are holding us back its time to LET THEM GO AND START MOVING CONFIDENTLY IN THE DIRECTION OF OUR DREAMS! LET THEM GO AND THEN USE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE GONE AS YOUR FUEL TO KEEP PUSHING TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR GOALS. IF YOU ARE HOLDING ONTO IT AND ITS NOT BENEFICIAL TO YOU, LET THEM GO AND GET MOVING TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS!

“Life goes on, so should you.”
-T. L. Hines



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Comfort zone aint no place for the successful!

I always knew that I wanted to be successful. I always knew that I had some sort of good stuff inside of me some sort of special gifts or talents inside of me that I would be able to use to help people and in turn make me successful. I just had no clue what those gifts and talents were or how to find them. It was torture, I knew that I wanted to be successful, but that was just about all that I knew.  I was always told and I always thought that I spoke well, and I have always tried to be a positive and motivational and inspirational person who tried to motivate, encourage and inspire my friends to maximize their potential. From time to time a few of my close friends and family would even say to me “hey, you should consider being a motivational speaker”. I thought hey, maybe they are onto something. So the thought sat in my head for years and years and I thought to myself that’s it, “Ill be a motivational speaker”. So, I went on with my normal everyday life thinking man this is going to be great, if my friends and family notice my gifts and skills and talents, and they think that I should be a motivational speaker, surely the world will take notice someday. I will get my big break and success will be mine at last.  So, time goes on and I continue living my daily life. Going to my job and coming home, going to my job and coming home. Enough time starts to go by and I start getting frustrated. “Man, if I have these great talents and abilities and great stuff inside of me, that my friends and family keep telling me about, then why am I not successful”? Why aren’t my dreams coming true? Why isn’t anyone else noticing me or my gifts and talents. Suddenly it dawned on me that my friends and family alone weren’t going to be a big enough audience for me to succeed. None of my family or friends had the connections to give me my big break. I started realizing that my big break would not be found on my couch or under my bed at home. I would not find my big break watching TV. I certainly wouldn’t find my big break at my job or at home taking a nap.

I realized that in order for the world to notice me and my gifts and skills and talents, I would need to LEAVE MY COMFORT ZONE OF HOME AND MY JOB AND MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY and step out into the world and BE NOTICEABLE! The real test of how great the stuff inside of me was, was when the world heard my message and not just my friends and family. I needed the world to take notice. But, I was extremely nervous outside of my COMFORT ZONE because I thought, what if the world doesn’t think I am as great as I do? What if the world doesn’t think I’m as great as my friends and family do? But, I wanted to succeed that bad, and “failure and discomfort” were risks that I was willing to take. So, I started going out and meeting and speaking with people. I started going to this big church and meeting new people, I started doing a lot of volunteer work in my community which gave me more insight into people, I joined an organization called Toastmasters (An organization that helps you to develop your speaking and leadership skills). In Toastmasters I met a gentleman who started mentoring and coaching me with my speaking and presentation skills. One night in Toastmasters one of the members gave a speech on how she started her blog, and that planted seeds in my head about starting a blog. That following day, I started my own blog. I have since landed a speaking engagement or two. The world is beginning to take notice and I am on my way to the success that I have always wanted and desired and knew that I was capable of. 

I guess my point is that if you have an idea, or a business, or a plan and YOU KNOW that in your heart of hearts you have what it takes and that you were meant to be successful. If you have seeds of greatness in your head and in your heart that you want to blossom some day. YOU WILL NEED TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE IN ORDER FOR THEM TO GROW. Your friends and family are not going to be a big enough customer base to make you successful. Your seeds of greatness will not grow in your couch or in your bed. You will need to plant them in fertile soil which is out in the world. Don’t worry about rejection or if the world doesn’t think you are good enough. YOU ARE! if you weren’t those seeds of greatness would have never been put in your head and heart in the first place. If you weren’t good enough those seeds of greatness would have never been given to you.  Take your chances, go out into the world, learn, grow, get better, get stronger, make new connections, network with other people who also have seeds of greatness in them, establish new relationships. YOU WILL LEARN WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO IMPROVE , OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! ITS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A REASONABLE CHANCE OF MEETING UP WITH SUCCESS! SUCCESS WILL NOT BE FOUND AT HOME IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE!
Remaining in your comfort zone and expecting to be successful is probably like the equivalent of sitting home going fishing in your bathtub and hoping to land the big one. Chances are ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! IF YOU WANT FISH, YOU MUST GO WHERE THE FISH ARE!

I spent my life wondering how/if the world would ever notice the good stuff I had inside of me. Now I check my Blog statistics and I see readers and I get comments from readers in Bangladesh, New Zealand, UK, South Korea, India, Philippines, Spain, Croatia Japan, all over Africa, UAE, Mexico and the US etc and I am extremely humbled, grateful, thankful and appreciative and I start to think that maybe the world is starting to take notice. But, it would have never happened if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. 



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Who are you going to believe, me or them?

You will find the most amazing things when you go looking and searching for positivity, motivation and inspiration. I suppose seek, and ye shall find.

I read this story about this little girl who was born on June 23, 1940 in Saint  Bethlehem, Tennessee.  She was born prematurely at 4.5 pounds, and she was the 20th of 22 siblings from two marriages. her father was a railway porter and her mother was a maid. When she was 4 years old, this little girl contracted infantile paralysis which was caused by the polio virus.

She eventually recovered, but was required to wear a brace on her left leg and foot until she was nine years old. Eventually her leg and foot grew abnormally and was twisted from having to wear the brace. She was then required to wear an orthopedic shoe for support of her foot for another two years. The doctors told this little girls mother that this little girl would most likely never be able to walk.  But, her mother refused to believe what the doctors said and, she continued to BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH and took matters into her own hands. She would routinely drive her little girl from Clarksville, Tennessee to Meharry Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee (About 50 miles) for treatments for her twisted leg. Eventually the doctors taught her how to do the treatments at home so she wouldn’t have to travel. She, started treating her little girl at home, and when she treated her she would push her and refused to let her feel sorry for herself, she would encourage her to be her best. She was determined to make sure this little girl could walk and run and play just like all of the other kids. But, despite the mothers best efforts, by the time the little girl was twelve years old she was also forced to deal with  several bouts of polio and scarlet fever, which she ultimately survived.

But, through HOPE, FAITH, LOVE, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE and a rigorous treatment plan and care from her mother. The mother and the little girl both got their wish. The little girl shed her handicap and at 12 years old she could finally walk. Now, feeling a bit AMBITIOUS and CONFIDENT, this now 12 year old little girl wanted to follow in her big sisters footsteps and wanted to play basketball. So she tried out and made the basketball team. In fact she became a basketball star in her high school setting the state record for scoring and she led her team to the state championship.  One day while she was practicing, she was spotted by the Tennessee State track and field coach who, when he spotted her knew that he had found a natural born athlete. He recruited her and she joined Temple’s summer program at Tennessee State and trained regularly and raced with his “Tigerbelles” (The name of the team) for two years. By the time she was 16, she earned a berth on the U.S. Olympic track and field team and came home from the 1956 Melbourne Games with an Olympic bronze medal in the 4×100 m relay to show her high school classmates.

At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome she won three Olympic titles: in the 100 m, 200 m and 4×100 m relay. She ran the 100-meter dash in an impressive 11 seconds flat. She also won the 200-meter dash in 23.2 seconds, which set a new Olympic record. After these wins, she was being hailed throughout the world as “THE FASTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD”. Finally, on September 11, 1960, she combined with Tennessee State teammates to win the 400-meter relay in 44.5 seconds, setting a WORLD RECORD!  In 1960, Wilma Rudolph became the first American woman to win three gold medals at a single Olympic Games.

So, what’s my point? This little girl was told be the “experts”, she was given an “expert Opinion” that said she was never going to even be able to walk. That would have been enough information for her mother to give up on her and for everyone to feel sorry for her and for her to start feeling sorry for herself and just give up and never even try. But, her mother would hear nothing of the sort. her mother SUPPORTED her daughter and ENCOURAGED her daughter. She pushed her and told her great she was and how great she was going to be. That SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT far outweighed the “experts” opinions. Wilma Rudolph was quoted as saying ” My mother taught me very early to believe I could achieve any accomplishment I wanted to. The first was to walk without braces.”. She was also quoted as saying “My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother.”

Every single one of us has some kind of flaw, and we receive plenty of information from “experts” and society and life that says  that we cant accomplish our dreams, and we will never be able to accomplish our goals. We receive information everyday that says we aren’t good enough, fast enough, strong enough, smart enough to run our own businesses or to launch brand new careers in fields that we want to be in or to go back to school. Etc. But, There will always be a small voice from somewhere in your life that says “YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, SMART ENOUGH, FUNNY ENOUGH, STRONG ENOUGH etc to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.” “YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH!” YOUR SUCCESS OR FAILURE IN LIFE WILL DEPEND ON WHICH VOICE YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO AND BELIEVE. ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS TURN THAT QUIET VOICE THAT SAYS YOU CAN UP, SO THAT IT DROWNS OUT THE VOICES THAT SAY YOU CANT. LISTEN TO AND BELIEVE AND FOLLOW THE VOICE THAT SAYS YOU CAN! And if you don’t have a voice in your life telling you that YOU CAN, Well, let me introduce myself to you as that new voice in your life telling you that YOU CAN! Now, who are you going to listen to and believe, me or them?

-Napoleon Hill



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When I first started working as a broker, It was very difficult to get things up and running in the beginning. It was difficult to get used to the concept of hearing “NO” over and over again. It was  difficult trying to build a business while being broke with no money and not getting paid anything at all until you can get some clients. It was difficult to have on old clothes or to have to borrow my fathers suits and difficult having holes in my shoes and barely have enough money to get back and forth every day. One of the most difficult things about being broke with no money, would be watching others around me who sat next to me who were successful doing the same. So, one day I get this big prospect on the line, I set up an appointment to call him back. This is a huge opportunity that could change my life forever, so I didn’t want to blow it.  I approach the most successful guy in my office and I ask him if he could give me any tips or pointers so that I could land this big client. This guy was one of the most successful brokers in the office, but he was an absolute jerk to clients and prospects. He was rude and abrasive, loud and vulgar and very pushy.  But, it worked for HIM and he was super successful. His clients couldn’t get enough of it. He said to me, “I’ll tell you what, get the guy on the phone put him on speaker phone, I will listen to him I will feed you lines and you just repeat everything I say and you say it back to the prospect”. Cool, this is perfect I thought, I will land this account in no time. So we get the prospect on the phone and right off the bat, the successful broker is trying to feed me lines and he is telling me what to say and how to respond. He immediately starts in telling me rude, abrasive, pushy stuff to say, but because that’s not my personality I’m hesitating to say some of the things he is telling me to say. Because, I’m not him I didn’t pause when he would have paused, I didn’t place emphasis on the same words that he would have placed emphasis on. I didn’t raise or lower my voice the exact same way he would have. I couldn’t hear some of the things he was telling me to say so there were gaps and holes in my pitch. Plus, I was concerned about the prospect hearing the guy on the other end of the phone. The whole thing just became very awkward and uncomfortable and lasted about 5 minutes. I end up telling the broker who was helping me out, never mind I will do it myself. But by the time I started to be myself, I could tell that the prospect that I had on the line was getting uncomfortable and could sense that something was going on. HE COULD SENSE THAT I WAS NOT BEING MYSELF!

Long story short I ended up losing the prospect and I didn’t get his business. Apparently he wanted to do business with ME not ME TRYING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE! (Good thing though, because if I had landed the client I would’ve  had to spend our entire relationship playing the part of this other broker. I would have had to pretended to be someone else the entire time, and I don’t know how long I would have been able to keep up the act). Even though I lost the prospect, I learned an amazing lesson. I CANT BE ANYBODY BUT ME, AND NOBODY CAN BE ME BUT ME.  I have learned that he was successful because despite how rude or pushy or abrasive he was, he was successful because he was himself at all times and he attracted like minded clients that I would have never been able to attract. And my personality attracted clients that he would have never been able to attract. The point is nobody has a monopoly on genius, or good ideas, or skills and talents or abilities or greatness. WE ALL HAVE THEM! We are ALL unique individuals with unique skills and talents and we all have a pool of customers or “fans” out there just waiting to do business with US, not US TRYING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. NO TWO PEOPLE IN THE WORLD CAN ACT, SING, WRITE, DANCE, CUT HAIR, DESIGN, DRAW, SELL, PAINT etc. EXACTLY THE SAME.. Those gifts and skills and talents that YOU have, have YOUR name on them. YOUR clients, YOUR business, YOUR opportunities have YOUR name on them. So no one can steal business from you or steal opportunities from you. THEY ARE YOURS AND YOURS ONLY.



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James Buster Douglas was a boxer in the late 80s and 90’s. he was considered to be a bum, a nobody in the boxing world. He was ranked # 7 in the world. He was certainly no match for “Iron” Mike Tyson who was ranked # 1 in the world. Mike Tyson was known to be one of the best and most dangerous fighters in the world. With a majority of his wins coming by knock out most within the first few rounds of the fight. There was no way Buster Douglas would ever be able to beat Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson knew it. To make matters worse, Buster Douglas had gotten out of rehab for alcohol, his wife just left him, The mother of his child was clinging to life and his mother had died 23 days before the fight. Months before the fight, I’m sure His mother was all over town bragging about how proud she was of her son and how he was going to kick mike Tyson’s butt. He knew how proud his mother would be of him, he had to win the fight for her. So on the night of February 11, 1990 in Tokyo Japan the everyone knew what to expect. Everyone expected the mismatched Buster Douglas to be knocked out in minutes. But, to the worlds surprise Buster Douglas held his own. He took some stern blows during the fight. There was a point when he had actually even gotten knocked down.  The referee counts 5,6,7 but by 8 Buster Douglas was back on his feet. When he got knocked down, as he was laying there on the mat he remembered ‘WHY” he needed to win in the first place. That night Buster Douglas wasn’t fighting for a belt or money; he was fighting this fight for the honor and memory of his mother. He was fighting to fulfill a promise to his mother . He was fighting to make his mother proud. SO when he got knocked down, he had reasons to get back up and keep fighting. His reason “WHY” was so strong that not only did he get back up, but he got back up and managed to deliver Mike Tyson his first knock out. Las Vegas Book makers had odds on the fight of 42 to 1, which made James Buster Douglas’s victory  one of the greatest upsets ever in sports history.

I guess my point is, whenever you have an objective or a goal that you are looking to accomplish. Whenever you are trying to succeed at anything. YOU WILL ENCOUNTER BUMPS AND BRUISES, YOU WILL ENCOUNTER OBSTACLES, YOU WILL ENCOUNTER SETBACKS, YOU WILL GET KNOCKED DOWN! What will determine whether you lay there and decide to give up or get back up and keep fighting will be the reason “WHY” you wanted to succeed in the first place. You will need a strong enough reason “WHY” to get back up. Your “WHY” could be your parents, could be your children, it could be your cat or your friends or to prove naysayers wrong. It could be anything. But I have learned that in order to succeed you MUST always know your reasons “WHY”

I recommend you write your list of “WHYS” down. Keep it in your wallet or in the back of your mind or something. When life knocks you down, pull out that list and get back up and keep fighting. If When big tough, mean life is standing over us after it has knocked us down, pull out that list of “WHY”s get back up keep fighting and I promise you that you will beat tremendous odds, and accomplish wonderful and amazing things that no one ever expected us to also. WE WILL BEAT TREMENDOUS ODDS TOO! All it requires is a strong enough reason “WHY”!

He who has a “WHY” to live can bear almost any how.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

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It takes more than money!


1.   A positive mental attitude
2.   Sound physical health
3.   Harmony in human relations
4.   Freedom from fear
5.   Hope for future achievements
6.   Capacity for applied faith
7.   Willingness to share ones blessings with others
8.   To be engaged in a labor of love
9.   An open mind on all subjects to all people
10. Complete self discipline
11. Wisdom with which to understand all people
12. Financial Security (money, cash, “stuff”)
Napoleon Hill

Notice that money is the very last thing on the list of things that make men rich.  I failed so many times in my endeavors over the years to get rich, because I tried to skip straight to # 12 and neglected the others.

But, I’m here to tell you….

Make no mistake, my friend, it takes more than money to make men rich.
A. P. Gouthey

I say, let’s get RICH FIRST and then we can get money! 


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There is a reason for every season!

You come across and notice the most amazing things when you go looking an searching for positivity and motivation and inspiration. One time I watched the Oscar award winning American actor, Morgan Freeman’s biography. He became a star late in life and he did off Broadway plays and some TV shows. He had been putting in tons of work for years and years. Through his travels he landed a gig on a show called the Electric Company (one of those Romper room Sesame street little kid type of shows) He was pissed off and mad because after all the years of work he had done he was doing some damn little kid show. He said he hated it he was drinking heavily and he said he hated the electric company, and where he was in life. But, because the Electric Company was a show designed to help teach kids reading and grammar they made him take these voice and diction classes to improve his own voice grammar skills. A lot of the work and success that Morgan Freeman went on to encounter in his career was because of his voice, diction and his ability to annunciate. He even went on to have tons of voice-over success. Ironically, those skills were developed and sharpened doing work that he hated to do, in a place that he hated being in. Some of his biggest lessons and boosts to his career, he got when he was in a position in life that he absolutely hated. Those skills and lessons, that he learned when he was in a place he hated gave him what he needed to go on and win an Academy Award. I wonder if the academy award would have been possible, if he didn’t do the Electric Company.

I guess the moral of the story is.YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! 
Where you are right now, there are lessons and skills that you are developing that you are going to need for the next part of your journey! Move forward with the full faith and confidence that where you are now is nothing more than training grounds for the mission and life that the UNIVERSE has in store for you! So if you are encountering struggle, obstacles, adversity smile and keep going! Because, that means that the process is working!

If you are currently going through hell….. KEEP GOING!
-Winston Churchill



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“Failure” is an impostor!

I have a cousin from Wilmington North Carolina, who ever since she was a child always said that she wanted to be an actress. That Is all I remember her ever saying she wanted to be. It was all she ever talked about. She moved off on her own to the Big city of Washington DC to go to college. It was a brand new start and a brand new life making the adjustment from Raleigh, North Carolina. She was in a brand new city all alone. She graduated and got a bachelors degree from Howard University. But, she still had her sights set on being an actress. But, Washington DC was no place for a blossoming actress. She needed to be where the action was. So after working a job in DC for a while, she took the leap. She was so focused and dedicated on making her dream come true that, she decided she was going to chase her dream.  She decided to leave her comfort zone and all of the friends that she made and connections that she had established and move to Hollywood,  Los Angeles California. Again, a brand new start, brand new city to get used to where she didn’t know anyone. She was all on her own again, to get used to another whole culture and way of living. She chased that dream down with a vengeance. She touched down in town and took off running. She auditioned and auditioned and she went out for part after part, established contact after contact. She met with a little bit of success and landed a few roles. But it wasn’t they weren’t the dream that she had been chasing. After a few years of trying to make it, she decided that she would be a television actress and she moved from LA to New York. She never got bitter or negative. She arrived in New York established a lot more contacts and chased and chased that dream and auditioned and auditioned and put in tons of work and took more acting classes and even made her directorial debut in NY. She pushed as long and as hard as she could in NY. But the successes that she had just didn’t measure up to the dream that she had envisioned. At this point sensing time was going by she wanted to do something else she wanted to maybe try to go in another direction so she moved back to MD/DC went back to Howard University and got her masters degree. She got her masters degree and started working. Even though she took a brief rest from acting while she was in school, she couldn’t shake the calling. After getting her masters degree she moved back to North Carolina and started working another job. After moving back to North Carolina, after chasing her dream across the country and back, she ran into a few contacts of hers that she had worked with and had established in New York and LA. They remembered her and her work ethic from when they had met or worked together previously. When I spoke to her last, she told me that she was had just finished writing 2 scripts just finished shooting in two films that she was acting in. She had just wrapped on a short film that she directed, and has 2 more roles lined up that she is looking forward to playing. After all of the chasing her dreams around the country and working so hard to chase her dream, it was when she decided to get out of her own way and let the universe do the work was when her dream started chasing her. Her acting dreams chased her down and came true in Raleigh North Carolina. Not necessarily one of the cities you think of moving to when you want to be an actor.

She could have taken each of those experiences as “failures”, got negative and bitter and decide to give up on her dreams completely and forget all about them. But in the end it was her “failures” that gave her the information and the know how and the contacts and connections to make her dreams come true in the end.

As long as you never give up and maintain a positive attitude, when you “fail” it simply means that you are  just planting seeds for your future success. And all you can do is plant the seed, water it , fertilize it, nurture it daily. But once that seed is in the ground you cant control how quickly it will grow. The universe takes care of that part Your “Failure” is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. With more information, with new contacts, a new attitude, a better idea of what wont work etc.

My cousin is indeed on her way to super success and we WILL see her accept an Academy award one day. And as long as we are all diligently working towards our goals and recognize “failure” for the impostor that it really is and we keep planting these seeds, and keep watering them and nurturing them everyday and we continue to have faith and believe, we will ALL reap a huge harvest. They will read about us too! Please don’t give up! you have come too far. We will talk about this more in the winners circle!


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